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Portable Hydrogen Rich Water for Cosmetic Spray


Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Maker 500 ML

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    Our Newest Portable Hydrogen rich water maker generates between 700 PPB of micro hydrogen infused in water

    The BW500 is hydrogen water mist. Actually It’s a cosmetic product.

    and ​designed to use daily . This unit is compact.

    This product is usefull for the following:

      Sterilizing and cleaning of feeding bottles, toys, restrooms, office equipment, blankest, curtains, sofa, bedding and your pet etc.

     You can easily eliminate bacteria in your mouth from a simple spray.


    Power: USB DC 3.7V/ 1600 MAH (Lithium Polymer Battery)
    Power Supply: Supports 110V AC and 5V DC
    Dimensions: 272Hx75Dx65D2
    Weight: 400 g
    Capacity: 60 ml
    Use Tempature 5-40 Celcius
    Electrode : Platinum and Titanium
    Modes: 2 minutes


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