HX300 Hydrogen Machine Produces 99.99 Pct Pure Hydrogen


Hydrogen Inhalation machine can be used to Hydrogenate water

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    Using PEM technology for electrolysis, our inhalation machine makes 99% pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen with no waste water. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! At suggested rate of 200 mL/Min you can breathe in nearly 100 times the H2 of one 500 mL bottle of H2 water! Metal case is standard: ABS Blue or Grey case optional.


    H2 Output  display
    H2 Output pressure display
    H2 High pressure protection
    Low water protection
    Water level display
    Instant H2 supply
    H2 output flow fixed and adjustable for choice Water recycled used 
    CE Certified

    Maximum Output: 300mL/Min

    Recommended Output: 200mL/Min

    Usage: 30-60 minutes/once or twice per day

    H2 Purity: 99.99%

    Power and Voltage: 110V, 50-60 Hz

    Fluctuation Rate of Output Pressure: < 0.001 MPa

    Water Consumption: 1 Gal. water produces @ 22 liters of H2, will go 3-5 days before adding more water.

    Water Requirement: Distilled water only

    Weight: 26 lbs.

    Delivery: Approximately 10-14 days after receiving order

    Warranty: 12 months 

    This unit can be utilized for breathing Hydrogen with a nasal canal, bubbling hydrogen in water to make a minimum of 1.1 PPM in 5 min with a -660mv ORP factor and 1.5 PPM water in 10 minutes with no change to alkalinity and no extra chemicals.


    Here's the latest video from H2FX!



    More research on Hydrgen benefits and research studies are available at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation website. // //




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