Rejuvenation H2 Hydrogen Rich Water Tablet 8 PPM 60 Ct


Rejuvenation Active H2 Hydrogen Water tablet

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    Rejuvenation H2 Water tablets typically create 7 to 9 ppm of water, depending on the amount of water in the water bottle being used... this super saturation capability exists because of proprietary effervescent technique that creates nano-bubbles of hydrogen... allowing more hydrogen to be held in the water than would otherwise occur.


    Molecular hydrogen is the most promising preventative aging supplement on the market. With over 1000 publications speaking on the potential benefits in 170 disease models* throughout every organ, H2 has been shown to indirectly mitigate the damages of the big 3- those nasty three issues that lead to virtually all diseases and are the driving forces in why we get older and die: Imbalances of our Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and increased Insulin Resistance.

    Keeping your body in tune

    Increasingly, Molecular Hydrogen supplementation is proving to be the most powerful tool to positively impact our gene expression. What exactly does this mean?  You have heard the term its in your genes'. Genes are important but whats more critical for health is how your genes are expressed.

    Its like your body is an old car with discontinued parts. Once those parts wear out, replacements are hard to find, and maintenance becomes critical.

    Maybe while driving you notice your timing is off. You pop the hood and find a bolt necessary to keep the timing chain in place stripped and loose.  With every bump in the road, your timing gets knocked out a little bit because of that old, stripped bolt. Pretty soon your gas mileage is poor, and your horsepower reduced.

    Your engine rattles and cant keep consistent RPM. This starts loosening and breaking all the other bolts, stressing the hoses, and creating more strain on the connecting parts of your vehicle.

    Like any wise owner, you pop your hood before driving to adjust things so your engine sounds right. You do this because your car is important to you, timing is critical, and you can't buy replacement parts!

    High dose molecular hydrogen is similar to popping the hood and adjusting the timing until you hear the engine purring just right. It doesnt fix the worn bolt, nor does it repair the damage already done, but it improves performance for a while before the timing slides back out of place from the next bump.

    For some cars, any bump will throw the timing off, so adjustments need to be made every time its driven. In the same way, for many people daily H2 helps keep things running smoothly.

    Regulating redox, which is our bodies natural balance between beneficial oxidative species and our own production of antioxidants, and the production of proinflammatory cytokines back into balance by supplementation with H2 is like adjusting your cars timing to enhance horsepower and gas mileage. It may not fix what is already broken, but it goes a long way to improving remaining performance.

    • Contains magnesium. May be a necessary co-factor for optimal health.
    • A single tablet can produce a 8 ppm super-saturated hydrogen solution. (This is 100% - 400% greater than any other hydrogen-generating supplement, and 600% - 800% more than expensive water ionizers.)
    • Extremely SAFE. There are NO toxic by-products from the conversion of radicals to water.
    • Water tastes smooth and light.

    Why spend hundreds to thousands on a water ionizer when you can create hydrogen infused alkaline water in a bottle for much less?

    The saturation point of H2 gas in water at room temperature with no external force is above 3 mg/L or 3 parts per million. Typically most machines operating under no pressure will only get a fraction of this, with well maintained ionizers often retaining levels as low as 0.1 mg/L(0.1 PPM) and the best models struggling to achieve 1 mg/L(1 PPM). Often these machines produce adequate amounts of gas, however they produce it in a manner that encourages the gas to form large bubbles and immediately dissipate into the air.

    While some of the best technologies on the market struggle to achieve 30% of gas produced remaining in solution, our measurements have been as high as 90%! Just like with other vitamins and minerals where it doesnt matter how much you consume but how much is bioavailable, with h2 gas it doesnt matter how much is produced it matters how much remains in the water for consumption.

    The truly amazing detail in all of this, is due to our knowledge on nano bubbles remaining in solution undissolved for extended periods of time and discoveries on how to create an ideal stream of nano bubbles to take advantage of this, our tablets have been measured as high as 9mg/L*, or 9PPM in a 500ml container. One tablet delivering 4.5mg of H2 in a glass- to give full context, the expensive ionizers producing 0.1mg/L would need 45L of water consumption, or 90x the volume to get the same dosage. Watch our H2Blue demonstration showing how powerful our tablet is.


    Made of Simple and Natural Ingredients

    The ingredients in the tablet are all natural. It consists of a proprietary blend of magnesium, malic acid, fumaric acid, and mannitol, which all work synergistically in the reaction and within the body.

    • Magnesium - is an essential mineral which the majority of people are deficient in. It is required by over 300 enzymes as a metal cofactor and is a vital mineral to our health and well being.
    • Sodium Sterol Fumerate 
    • D Malic Acid  - These are natural and organic molecules that are produced within the mitochondria. Malic acid may help to improve the function of the mitochondria and has potential erogenic benefits. Fumaric acid has some medicinal properties which includes helping in detoxification and antioxidation.



    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 tablet

    Servings Per Container: 60

    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 0
    Magnesium 80 mg
    Ingredients:  Magnesium, Malate, Magnesium, Sodium stearate Fumarate, DL Malic Acid

    Recommended Use:

    • When preparing a bottle of hydrogen infused drinking water, choose low mineral content water (most popular bottled waters, RO and distilled water meet this requirement).
    • The most effective way to use this product and take advantage of its multi-functional antioxidizing Molecular Hydrogen chemistry is to put one tablet into a full ½ to 1 liter bottle (glass or plastic) and tightly close the top immediately. Then, allow Hydrogen Tablet to react for at least 5 to 10 minutes – the longer the better for higher concentration of Molecular Hydrogen. Observe the abundance of hydrogen micro-bubbles forming. Preferably drink the hydrogen infused water over the next several hours although it will remain active for most of the day. For a powerful uplift from fatigue, consume a full ½ liter of Rejuvenation H2 water in a few minutes and wait about 40 minutes to feel energized.
    • Try Rejuvenation Hydrogen enhanced water before activities to limit oxidative reactions and afterwards for more rapid recovery of physiological function.

    Dosage and Guidelines:

    • Place one tablet in a 16 oz. (1/2 liter) bottle of pure water and close tightly. Wait at least 5 minutes before consuming.
    • Consider the level of stress and/or physical activity that is expected as well as the duration of the activity. Rejuvenation hydrating drinks are especially beneficial to endurance sports like running marathons, cycling, climbing, etc.

    Note: Store in a cool dry place.


    • If pregnant, nursing, or undergoing treatment for a medical condition, consult your physician before taking this product
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Do not exceed recommended dose

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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