Anti-static grounding mat


ESD grounding Mat

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    Color Black
    Material Silicon / Rubber
    Feature Antistatic silicon mouse pad
    Size 250mm x 680 mm
    Thickness 3mm (2mm foams+ 1 mm leather)
    Surface Resistance 10E6~10E9 Ohms

    Static Dissipative Mats and Conductive Mats have been know to provide some health benefits including reducing fatique and are also designed to protect sensitive equipment, such as computers, by quickly drawing the static electricity off workers before they touch such items. Humans quickly generate static electricity by walking, shifting their position or even rolling on a chair. Even the slightest touch can pass electricity onto sensitive equipment, which can destroy processors. In order to prevent such problems, we provide both Electrically Conductive and Static Dissipative mats. Conductive mats can disperse static electricity quicker than can static dissipative mats.  All conductive matting and dissipative matting needs to be grounded to function properly



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