Earthing Mat - Removes Static Electrical Charge


Earthing Mat | Grounding Mat for Healthy Earth Energy Free from Static Electricity.

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    Grounding Mats for Healthy Earth Energy Free from Static Electricity.


    • Classic grounding mat protects you from statical electricity in dry seasons and negative influences from surrounding electronics.
    • Can also be used at the foot of the bed to discharge static electricity while sleeping.
    • Can be used as a mouse pad.
    • Soft Conductive surface desgned for comfort.
    • Mat design for home use or workplace
    • Convenient setting up at office and workplace
    • Easy to clean with cloth
    • 27 Inches X 10 Inches
    • 15 Ft Earthing Cord plugs into ground port of home outlet.
    • Keyboard and mouse not included!


    • HUGE HEALTH BENEFITS - Electrons neutralize any harmful positive electrical charges in the body, charges which can be the cause of many inflammation-based health issues and have a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. Earthing helps with reducing inflammation, muscle and joint pain, aches, sprains, arthritis, and help increase day time vitality, digestion, blood circulation, speeding up recovery, better sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, reduced electro sensitivity and more.
    • HIGH QUALITY - This conductive carbon rubber Earthing mat measures 60cm x 25cm and includes a 15ft cable/connection.
    • EASY TO USE - With thousands of happy customers reporting an incredible increase in alertness during the day, a better, deeper sleep and reduced joint pain this Earthing Mat provides free radicals and natural anti-oxidants to help neutralize the body again.


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