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    esla Ball Mini Rejuvenator

    Our bodies are made of a complex host of systems and functions.  The lymphatic system is one of the most important systems and supports all functions within the body.  There is more than twice as much lymph fluid in the body as blood, making over 50% our total fluids.  Powered only by breathing and movement, the lymph system flows in one direction through every cell in the body, to remove debris and impurities.  There are 500 junctions in the body, called lymph nodes, that act as filters that cleanse, isolate and attack toxins, and act as a booster to the immune system.  As blood circulates through the body delivering oxygen and nutrients, the local cells pick them up, use what they need and get rid of waste, dead cells and impurities. The lymph nodes work to create antigens that combat these impurities and restore the body’s balance.  At times the lymph system’s flow can become blocked with impurities or waste by-products and cause serious illness or dis-ease.  Much like a river that becomes congested with pollution, the flow may need to take a detour, or the river may become clogged completely.

    The Tesla Mini works with the lymphatic system helping to increase the body’s metabolism and immune system by delivering oxygen which is essential to healthy cells.  It is difficult for bacteria, viruses and fungus to live in highly oxygenated areas, so by using this device you are not only oxygenating the system with ozone, you are helping to manually move the fluid along the channels while cleansing and restoring the lymph function as it helps to eliminate waste material.

    The Tesla Mini influences many paths to health and well-being.  It may assist in the stimulation of the release of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), the molecules from which all cells derive energy.  Aids in phagocytosis, (encapsulating and eliminating - pathogens and debris.)  Increases circulatory function, helping to move nutrients, gases, and wastes, to and from cells.  Helps to fight dis-ease in order to maintain homeostasis. Stimulates the production of collagen, (which is found in all of the connective tissues), thus reducing pain and inflammation throughout the body.  Assists the process of tissue regeneration, the repair process of cells, and so much more.

    The Tesla Mini  may be applied to virtually any part of the body, to alleviate pain and swelling, stimulate blockages in the lymph nodes and oxygenate the system.


    Plug the Tesla Mini  in to a grounded outlet

    Do not use while in the bathtub

    Do not use the Tesla mini  during severe weather

    Close supervision of a child using the Lymph Massager is imperative

    Do not use if the bulb is cracked or broken

    If the Tesla Mini  is damaged in any way, contact

    Use in a well ventilated area

    Ozone fumes emitted from the

    , Tesla Mini level are not toxic when inhaled

    Step-by-Step Operation

    Plug the A/C power cable into a grounded outlet

    Begin with the dial turned counter-clock-wise all the way, this is the lowest setting

    Place the bulb on the area of the body to be treated

    Slowly turn the dial clock-wise to tolerance

    Lower settings are perfect for all over treatment, while higher settings are good for intense targeted response.

    Suggested Treatments

    For best results, use on affected areas for 10-15 minutes

    Use as a special treat in conjunction with massage.  Two minutes up and down the spine will refuel all the nerves in the body.  Best if performed in the middle of the massage session for optimum results.

    To aid in the reversal of severe illness, the Tesla Massager may be used for up to 2 hours, 2-3 times per week until maximum results are noted.

    The Tesla Mini  Massager may be used on any body part, internally or externally, except the open eye.

    The portable hand held model is best for all over body treatments

    The portable probe is best for internal applications (Ear canal, nasal, vaginal, rectal penetrations and hard to reach places)

    Clean up

    While the Tesla Mini  bulb is automatically cleansed constantly with pure ozone, you may use a mild soap and water, or alcohol swab for peace of mind.  Do not immerse in water.







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