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    Whats a SoeMac?

    Its a

    Singlet OxygenEnergized Micro Air Conditioner.



    Your body needs oxygen
    down at the cell level.


    SoeMac optimizes
    the process.


    With more oxygen, you have better health, endurance, energy, performance.


    It's so easy to use,
    you do it in your sleep.


    With more oxygen, you are more clear headed, balanced,


    How It Works


    The SoeMac unit draws in ambient air and passes it through an internal catalyst unit consisting of LED's set at a specific wavelength and a photo-sensitizer. Together they create a gentle low-level red light and a very mild whirring sound.

    This process produces a bio-usable form of oxygen energized air known as Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE. This is the same energized air derived from active photo-synthesis that you might find deep in a lush tropical forest. The SoeMac mimics this natural process to deliver a concentrated level of this energized air.

    As it works, the molecules inside of the photo-sensitizer become excited, and when the airborne oxygen passes across their surfaces, the excitation energy is passed to the oxygen molecules, and it is this extra energy that is so welcomed by the body.

    Many individuals have found that breathing this forest-like super enriched air helps them with a wide range of sleep and health problems.

    The SoeMac does not generate higher levels of oxygen like an oxygen concentrator does as used for Velocity O2 Training. What the SoeMac does do is excite the oxygen already in the air through its catalyst action and it energizes that air with SOE.

    It is this new SOE air that enables the body to get more of the available oxygen that is already in the air down to the cellular level to deliver all of its life enhancing benefits.

    How To Use It

    At night, during sleep, on your bedstand - place it so it's just a little behind and above your head with the gentle air cascading over you.

    The SoeMac is completely safe to use by all persons, regardless of their sex, age or state of health. You may use the SoeMac without restriction on the length of time, day or night. It is recommended that you use it all night during sleep (but it can also be used anytime during the day as desired).

    At night we recommend that the SoeMac is placed next to your bed in close proximity and slightly higher than where your head rests on your pillow. Its effects can be further enhanced by adding some humidity to the room if the air is dry.

    The effects of SoeMac will be reduced if the airflow in the room is turbulent  e.g. air conditioning, or an open door or window creates a draft.

    It can sometimes take a few days before most users feel a benefit; this is usual. If you have the stress of a serious breathing or energy condition, it can take up to 30 days before you feel a benefit. This is typical for more complex conditions.

    If you suffer from the stress of a specific illness, we suggest that during the first three days the SoeMac is used for 1 or 2 hours; then during the next three days for 3 or 4 hours each, and from the seventh day, it can be used for unlimited periods.


    There are no known contraindications or side effects. Some users may experience an initial detox, which might consist of any of; mild headaches during the first few days of use, clearance of excess mucus from the lungs, aching in the joints, excess and smelly wind. This is all natural, and will pass quickly, so please be patient and bear with it. Your body is responding to the SoeMac and is fighting against what is doesnt like.

    Breath better and live stronger longer!

    Helps you breathe more easily.

    Louise with asthma & start of COPD.

    Andrew breathes better with SoeMac.


    SoeMac has helped users to:
    • Improve the quality of their sleep - and sleep is so important to a healthy immune system
    • Make breathing easier, especially for those who have a serious breathing condition
    • Boost their energy levels during the day
    • Improve their cognitive functions e.g. concentration and memory, as a bi-product of more restful sleep
    • Reduce the anxiety levels often associated with their poor sleep
    • Supports other medical treatments for breathing, sleep, and pain disorders naturally
    • Seek medical advice if you suffer from a serious breathing condition
    Using SoeMac

    Some users experience mild detox symptoms such as a mild headache for the first few days of use, this is entirely normal. SoeMac emits a soft red light and a comforting whirring sound, which can help you to drift off to sleep more easily.

    Our research continues as to the bio-chemistry of the process; but we understand that Singlet Oxygen Energy can help to relax the lungs, the cardio-vascular system, and improve the bodys natural utilisation of oxygen intake.





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