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Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Maker PEM 500 ML BlueWater 900


Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Maker 500 ML

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    Blue Water 900 is a best in class 2 in 1 hydrogen generator in the design of a sports bottle. It produces hydrogen rich water and generates hydrogen gas which can be consumed through an inhaler.

    The uniqueness of Blue Water 900 lies in its compact size, ease of use and the advanced technology.

    Blue Water 900 is powered by a long lasting lithium battery. It comes with either a US or EU power adapter.

    The base of Blue Water 900 is equipped with a Platinum and Titanium plated electrode and PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology to generate hydrogen.

    WHAT THE PRODUCT IS USED FOR: Blue Water 900 can be used to consume hydrogen either through drinking the water or inhaling the gas. Blue Water 900 generates molecular hydrogen and brings its benefits to a life on the go. Blue Water 900 is perfect to use in the gym, during holidays, on business trips, hiking or any other activity. SPECIFICATIONS: 2 in 1 device: Hydrogen gas inhaler and Hydrogen water generator, Model: BW900 (upgraded with H2 inhalation),

    • Our Newest Portable Hydrogen rich water maker generates between 1.2 PPM and 1.3 PPM of micro hydrogen infused in water .
    • Blue Water 900 is a 2-in-1 Hydrogen Water Generator & Hydrogen inhaler from South Korea (NOT CHINA)/Hydrogen breathing machine/Hydrogen inhalation machine and uses PEM innovative technology to create active hydrogen.
      • High end hydrogen water ionizer: In a few minutes our Hyrogen water maker can produce a cup of hydrogen rich drinking water up to 1200 PPB using Mode 1 (3 minutes) or Mode 2 (5 minutes). This portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides a more healthy water for you.This Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle is made of food-grade PC material, high quality and safe to use.
      • Easily close the lid to seal the bottle so that liquid never overflows. The small size is convenient to take it anywhere. Just put it into your knapsack or luggage box. Stay healthy and beautiful every moment. Hydrogen rich water is easy to absorb and can help to boost your metabolism and reduce constipation to some extent.Colorful light makes the working process much more pleasant and it will go out when electrolytic process finished.
      • Safe Food-Grade PC Material: Without using any harmful chemical substances, please feel relieved about usage. PC material is non-toxic and durable. Easy to clean, effective to reduce bacterial growth.Good for your health Hydrogen-rich water is a safe and natural energy drink that has anti-aging effect. The plastic in our product is Eco-friendly material, certified by the FDA&NSF and bisphenol-A(BPA) free
      • The portable bottle can be detachable to three parts, lid, bottle and base. No hassling for daily cleansing and maintenance. Easy to clean and effective to reduce bacterial durable.
      • Large-capacity battery: The built-in lithium battery is rechargeable. Full charged battery can support power for 40 bottles of hydrogen rich water. Colorful lights indicate the working process and it will go out when electrolytic process finished. Charging is complete no more than 4 hours. When charge full, the can work for around 40 times.  This portable Hydrogen unit is a perfect gift for family, friends and the loved ones.

    • Color: blue,
    • Made in South Korea,
    • Warranty: 1 year from receiving product,
    • Electrolysis with Proton Exchange membrane (PEM),
    • Components: Bottle with lid, electrode, water bottle adapter, USB charging cable, power adapter, inhalation nozzle, nasal cannula, product manual,
    • Materials: Tritan, MSDS (Body, Base), BPA free
    • Electrode: Platinum and Titanium plated,
    • Bottle volume: 500 ml (16 oz),
    • Device dimensions: 272 (H) x 75 (D1) x 65 (D2) mm (16.6″X4.6″X4″),
    • Device weight: 400 g (0.9 lb), Powered by long lasting Lithium Polymer built-in battery, Timer: 3 (for H2 water generation) and 5 minutes (for H2 inhaling),
    • H2 water concentration: 0.9-1.2 ppm (varies with water quality and temperature), H2 gas concentration: over 20,000ppm in 20mins,
    • H2 flow rate: 4 ml/min, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): up to -300 mV, For use only with filtered/bottled water,
    • Touch button operation,
    • Voice signal in four languages (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese),
    • Power supply: AC100 – 240V / 50-60 Hz / DC 5V, 0.3A Battery: DC 3.7 V

    What the Blue Water 900 is made of

    Blue Water 900 made of  environmentally friendly and safe materials:


    • Body and Base: MSDS
    • Bottle: Tritan
    • Electrode: Titanium and Platinum plated;
    • BPA free.

    ▪ What the product is used for


    Blue Water 900  can be used to consume hydrogen either through drinking of hydrogen rich water or inhalation of hydrogen gas.

    Blue Water 900 generates molecular hydrogen and brings its benefits to a life on the go. Blue Water 900 is perfect for use in the gym, during holidays, on business trips, hiking or any other activity.

    ▪ Hydrogen rich water


    The device enriches drinking water with molecular hydrogen through Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis technology.

    • Operates on #1 mode that is set for 5 minutes• H2 concentration is highest with water slightly above room temperature up to 40 C ( 105 F)• No contraindications or side effects • Only drinking filtered or bottled water can be used

    ▪ Hydrogen inhalation


    Hydrogen inhalation gives the option to consume larger quantities of molecular hydrogen compared to hydrogen rich water. 10 minutes of hydrogen inhalation is equal to drinking 2 liters of hydrogen rich water. Hydrogen inhalation is carried out through inhalation nozzle and nasal cannula • Continuous supply of molecular hydrogen (H2)• Operates on #2 mode that is set for 20 minutes• Repetition of cycles helps to achieve the best results            • Deliver larger quantities of molecular hydrogen in the body • Combination of hydrogen inhalation with drinking hydrogen rich water helps to achieve the best effect• No contraindications and side effects • Works with filtered and unfiltered water

    ▪ What technology the product uses


    Blue Water 900 uses electrolysis technology with PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) to generate water enriched with pure molecular hydrogen of high concentrations 0.9 – 1.2 ppm and hydrogen gas of over 20,000 ppm in 20mins. By utilizing PEM technology, electrolysis by-products such as oxygen, ozone, and chlorine do not enter the water.

    Blue Water 900
     generates a high concentration of hydrogen, regardless of the presence of minerals in the water. No filter is required. It works perfectly with bottled, filtered, RO (Reverse Osmosis) and distilled water.

    ▪ How to operate the product


    The device has a display with one on/off button and two operational modes: #1 mode – 5 minutes and #1 mode – 20 minutes. Mode #1 is used for generation of hydrogen rich water. Mode #2 is used for hydrogen inhalation.

    Pressing on/off button starts/stops hydrogen generation cycle.

    Pressing on/off button twice starts 5-minute mode for generating hydrogen rich water.

    Pressing on/off button 3 times starts 20-minute mode for hydrogen inhalation.

    Blue illuminating light and generation of small bubbles confirms working status of the device.

    The voice indicator informs about start and end of hydrogen generation cycle (it can be muted).

    ▪ How to charge the product


    Blue Water 900 runs on long lasting lithium battery.

    Battery indicator on the display shows the state of the battery charge.

    Full charge allows to use the device for about 28-30 cycles of 5 minutes (mode #1) and 7-8 cycles of 20 minutes (mode #2). The device is charged with a standard USB cable providing great flexibility particularly when travelling including charging through a laptop USB port.

    ▪ What the product display includes


    The modern electronic display of Blue Water 900 includes:

    Two operating modes:

    #1 mode – 5-minute for generating hydrogen rich water,

    #2 mode –  20-minute for hydrogen inhalation.

    • Battery charge level indicator
    • Hydrogen generation status (on: eliminated running bubbles/ off: no bubbles)
    • A voice signal in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean. The beginning and completion of the hydrogen generation cycles will be spoken in the chosen language. The voice signal can be muted.

    ▪ What the water adapter is used for

    Blue Water 900 comes with a water bottle adaptor. It is designed to allow conventional water bottles (glass or plastic) to attach directly to the base of the device. This makes Blue Water 900 more compact. During hydrogen generation process molecular hydrogen saturates water with the same levels as when the device bottle is used (hydrogen concentrations of 0.9 -1.2 ppm).

    ▪ Design of Blue Water 900


    A stylish bottle design makes Blue Water 900 a fashion accessory.

    ▪ How the product is packed


    The device is packed in a elegantly designed box, secured inside with packing foam.

    ▪ How the product is maintained


    Bottle cleaning

    Separate the bottle from the base and clean it with water or wipe with a sponge/smooth cotton cloth. Neutral detergent can be used for cleaning. Recommended cleaning frequency: 1-2 times a week. Do not use abrasive cleaning sponges / cloth.

    Electrode (bottle base) cleaning

    Water minerals cause scale buildup in the hydrogen water generator (bottle base/electrode). This results in lower hydrogen production. To ensure proper functioning of the device, regular cleaning of the electrode is required.

    Fill the bottle with tap water and add 10-20 ml of vinegar/citric acid into the water. Run the device 2 times on #1 mode (10 min in total). Wash the bottle once the hydrogen generation is completed.

    ▪ How to store the product


    If you are not planning on using the product for a long period of time, pour enough water into the bottle to completely cover the hydrogen generator mesh. Keep the bottle in an upright position.


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