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Ketogenic Recipe

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    Seed Milk

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    • Chia Seeds – 4 Table Spoons
    • Hemp Seeds raw shelled – 4 Table Spoons
    • Flax Seeds Organic – 3 Table Spoons or Flax seed oil
    • Sunflower seeds raw Organic ( Sunflower seeds should be soaked overnight or sprouted)
    • Milk Thistle Seeds - 1 Tablespoon
    • Kale Organic – 3 to 5 large leaves
    • Organic Parsley - a small bunch
    • Baby Spinach Organic – 2 Full hands.
    • 4 to 5 stalks of Asparagus
    • ¼ onion to provide quercetin or quercetin powder from Bulk Supplements.
    • Limes – 2 peeled or 1 Lime and 1 Lemon
    • Bioraculous green powder or equivalent super-green powder
    • Brussel Sprouts(Optional) – typically 3 to 5 of them for Vitamin K
    • Garlic – 2 Cloves or more. Some would add up to 25 cloves of garlic. Research has shown that Garlic in doses of 20 cloves per day or higher can be very healing for the liver. Garlic would also provide the sulfur which in combination with the Omega 3s would emulate the Budwig diet.
    • Organic Blue berries, Strawberries and Rasberries
    • Vitamix or equivalent high power blender
    • Optionally get a sprouting jar and sprout Alfalfa, and broccoli seeds over a one week period to provide bio-photonic energy to you food. Add Citric Acid to the sprouts to insure no molding occurs when sprouting.
    • 3 cups of reverse osmosis water energized with MRET water system.
    • Add MyAmino Protein Powder for Dr. Reinwald
    • Add Bravo Yogurt to finished meal.

    Making the recipe:

    1. Soak Flax Seeds in a bowl overnight with 8 ounces of Reverse Osmosis or distilled water.
    2. Soak 4 table spoons of Sunflower seeds and 1 table spoons of Pumpkin seeds overnight in a separate Bowl for 8 hours or overnight.
    3. Rinse only the Pumpkin/Sunflower seeds through a fine strainer to remove all the phytic acid.
    4. Pour the Pumpkin/sunflower and flax seeds into the blender
    5. Add Chi seeds, hemp seeds and Milk Thistle seeds.
    6. Add lemon and lime peeled and cut in half.
    7. Add 3 cups of energized water.
    8. Blend on high for 1 minute
    9. Pause the blend and blend for another full minute on high with a Vitamix or equivalent Blender.
    10. Add Kale, spinach and Brussell sprouts and other vegetables.
    11. Add Alfalfa sprouts, and/or broccoli sprouts
    12. Blend for another minute
    13. Add 2 Table spoons of coconut oil, 2 table spoons of Biouraculous powder.
    14. Add Avacado last as the blending does become more difficult as avacados would make the consistency thicker.
    15. Mix on low for 20 seconds.
    16. Pour into bowl and add 3 to 4 table spoons of Hemp seeds for a bit of crunchiness.

    If your goal is not Ketogenisis then feel free to add organic blueberies and strawberries.

    If you find this recipe helpful, please make a donation as you feel.



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