Green Powder Super Drink 12 oz


Green Powder Superdrink

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablespoons (8 grams)
1 to 3 Servings Recommended Daily
Calories Per 8 Grams: 20
Ingredients: (Organic freeze dried) - Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Oatgrass, Carrots, Sprouted Brown Rice.

(Organic freeze dried) - Acai, Aronia, Bilberry, Blackberry, Beetjuice, Black Currant, Camu Camu Berry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Gojiberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Golden Berries

Herbs, Fruits, Probiotics, Minerals - Organic Lucuma, Cupuacu, Organic Pine Pollen, Organic Kelp, Organic Turmeric, Minerals plus Probiotics, Omega Rich Seaplankton

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    Our Green Powder Super Drink includes numerous, non-destructively dried, juiced, organic or wild-crafted vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and algae, plus non-dairy enzymes. It is a VEGAN delight and can be added to any beverage to make it a super nutrition beverage. The nutritional value far exceeds anything a person could juice at home... and with virtually no effort and no time. Look what's included:

    • Vegetables and Grasses:
        1. Wheat-grass
        1. Barley-grass
        1. Oat-grass
        1. Beets
        1. Carrots
    • Berries:
        1. Acai
        1. Aronia
        1. Bilberry
        1. Blackberry
        1. Camu Camu
        1. Blueberry
        1. Cranberry
        1. Gojiberry
        1. Pomegranate
        1. Raspberry
        1. Golden Berries
    • Fruits:
        1. Lucuma
        1. Cupuacu
    • Herbs, Sea Vegetation, Probiotics, and Shilajit Minerals:
        1. Pine Pollen
        1. Kelp
        1. Sea Plankton
        1. Turmeric
        1. Shilajit Minerals
        1. Non-Dairy Probiotics


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