C60 Oil 99.99 Pct C60 Isolate Solvent Free 8 ounces


H2 C60 Oil 99.99 Pct C60 Isolate Solvent Free

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    Bio Active YES! H2 C60 (UHP, SUBLIMED 99.99+% C60 Highest Isolate, Hydrogen Reinforced for double Antioxidant Power) Ultra Pure, 100% Solvent Free, double the amount of mg's per each gram of oil


    • What makes this product the most unique available?
      • Permanently bounded with H2, Molecular Hydrogen for higher then Double the Antioxidant Effect.
      • Double Baked, Sublimed
      • Combined with the 99.99+% Raw C60 which is another proprietary process of mechanical, non chemical extraction
      • Bio Activated for higher cellular efficacy, via natural methods of our proprietary ARP Tech.
      • The Highest Isolation Form of 99.99+%
      • Highest Grade of Ultra High Purity (100% Toluene Free)
      • Double the amount of mg's per gram (1.6 mg per gram)
      • Harmonized via ARP Tech to address Emotional Balance
      • Enhanced with the patented natural Telomere Lengthening Enzymes (made from Organic Astragalus Root)  
      • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cold pressed Sunflower Oil because of its stability to resist oxidation, its properties to reflect Light better then any other oil and its unique chemical properties, plus with the 100% Organic Citrus Oil, for its ability to block the xenoestrogens (estrogen mimicking substances found in our polluted world from plastics, pesticides, etc. and which cause many hormonal imbalances and diseases).

    NOTE: Please be aware of the companies that will not list their % number and the amount of mg's per each gram!


    The regular C60 Oil of 99.98% has been studied by the original scientist Harry Kroto and his colleges and was found to prolong the life span of rats by over 90% at 0.8 mg per gram of Oil.

    Now you can have a higher Isolate of 99.99+% in our ARP Tech Bio Activated C60 Oil, plus bonded with H2, Hydrogen Gas, Telomere lengthening Enzymes and xenoestrogen blockers at 1 mg per gram of Oil, and 100% Solvent Free. It does not get any better then this, at least until we come up with even more features.


    Why we use specific  Oils and do not use an Olive Oil:

    Since even the best 100% Certified Organic Olive Oils we tested on the market were still showing to have a high oxidative potential (which in many cases is very hard to detect even in taste and takes special equipment to detect), and we are not talking about oil's high temperature sensitivities and its ability to alter it here, but about the oxidative potential, and since the whole point is that the C60 Fullerene is fat soluble, so it truly does not matter if Olive Oil is used or not in this case; we have settled on the 100% Certified Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, and plus the 100% Organic Citrus Fruit Oil for its xenoestrogen blocking properties and the refreshing taste we find very palatable.

    Both are very stable Oils, and the Sunflower Oil is quite magical (the language of science with heart), and there is a reason why this amazing gift of Nature turns towards the Source of Life, our Physical Sun. Also, within this flower there is a geometrical pattern that has a very important energetic imprint upon our bodies, which is a whole new subject we won't go into here.


    Why is our H2 C60 Oils so important for all ages, not just adults?

    Carbon 60 has been researched for over 3 decades for its ability to prolong the life span of rats by over 90% and there is an important reason why.

    Even though our YES! H2 C60 Oils are sold to the end user for Research and Experimentation purpose only, and we make no health claims, we ourselves and many young individuals of our YES Team have seen amazing results with the health benefits too long to mention here. We acknowledge that its ability to neutralize the free radicals caused by various toxins, like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fungus, mold, as well as to deliver the nutrients in a much more efficient way to the cells, and to act as a one of the most efficient antioxidants, especially in combination with Hydrogen, plus to raise the conductivity of the neurological pathways so crucial in ones recovery, regeneration and development is indeed a valuable health asset to all ages, especially in this day and age of too many untested and toxic synthetic chemicals and their invasiveness upon the bodies, minds and the emotions of mankind. There is absolutely no toxicity within this Oil and on the contrary it will lower down ones overall toxic load, regardless of ones age. Hope you will start benefiting from this Gem as soon as possible.


    How we use our H2 C60 Oil:

    After many years of testing, including a study we did recently, we have concluded that it takes on an average 1 teaspoon-2 times a day (morning and evening) for at least 2-3 months, depending upon an individualized needs to reach the homeostasis. For some extreme cases with deep seated chronic conditions it took 1 teaspoon-3 times per day (morning, evening and afternoon) or more for 3 months on an average; then the Maintenance Dose of 1 teaspoon daily in the morning worked well for most. The results were nothing short of astonishing. Those that took it in the later hours right before bed found that they required much less sleep, and were ready to start their day in a much earlier morning hours then usual, waking up energized and refreshed. The sleep was not effected and in fact was much deeper, only the shortened need for sleep hours was documented among most of the test subjects. The much more heightened energy, endurance and athletic performance was noted as the time has progressed, as well as the more harmonious state of being, even among the subjects with frequent anxiety. Better digestion, less bloating and more regularity was noted among all the test subjects. Many of these above mentioned benefits and more were expanding wth its prolonged every day use. In the anecdotal study, the separate smaller group that took the Oil was also enjoying the drinking of the Hydrogen Water solely throughout the day and Breathing from our devices once a day for 30 minutes (the happy owners of our Breath of Health ARP Tech 600 Lv. 3 were involved). The numerous benefits of Hydrogen Therapy have been noted as much more pronounced then in regular use of Hydrogen Medicine without our YES! H2 C60 Oil. This has proven the theory we had that C60 Oil will enhance the Molecular Hydrogen Therapy. Therefore even though our C60 is permanently bonded with a certain percentage of H2, Molecular Hydrogen, and has proven to be the most reinforced in its efficacy we still recommend that you add the drinking of Hydrogen Water and Breathing from our units for the most powerful and well rounded health approach.
    We invite you to experience the difference for yourself, we certainly would not be a day without its use!


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