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    Raintree Graviola Capsules 

    Each Capsule is 600mg of graviola from the Rainforest.   

    Graviola is the result of unique research and blended to the original Raintree formula to create a stronger and more potent product than the regular Graviola supplement. Raintree Graviola  contains a specialized blend of two species of Graviola - Annona muricata and Annona montana, or mountain Graviola. This potent blend was carefully chosen to deliver more acetogenic chemicals than other popular herbs, such as paw paw. Raintree Graviola Max is renowned and reviewed as the best Graviola supplement available.

    Graviola is often considered one of the greatest gifts of the Amazon Rainforest. Raintree Graviola is known to be rich in the beneficial phytochecmicals that this herb is know for, including a group of Annonaceous acetogenins, which are found only in the Annonaceae plant family. Mountain graviola has been found to contain the main annonacin chemical of graviola with 26 more acetogenin chemicals not found in regular Graviola. 

    The Raintree Graviola Max formula is free of fillers, binders, flow agents and chemicals to provide you with these potent herbs in their purest and most effective form. 


    Traditional Use:

    Graviola was originally discovered by the Shamanic medicine men of the Amazon, who used the bark, leaves, roots, fruit and fruit seeds of the plant in numerous ways, including tea form and as a salve; at Raintree we only use the potent leaf and stem.  Graviola is still used extensively by native Indians in South America, including indigenous peoples of the Andes and the Caribbean.

    The popularity of Graviola continues to grow around the world in modern times as research into the plant's unique properties continues. 


    Suggested Use:

    Our Graviola capsules work well alone or may be combined with other herbs. Cat's Claw is often combined with Graviola for a potent combination. When taking Graviola supplements, drink plenty of water, as it may aid in the body's elimination of toxins. 

    The safest and most potent parts of Graviola are the stem and leaf, and there is some concern over use of the tree's seeds. Raintree Graviola capsules are made with ground leaf and stem only to ensure the herb is as close to its pure form as possible and eliminate this concern. 


    Recommended Daily Intake: 3 capsules 3 times daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. 

    Ingredients: A blend of graviola leaf and stem (Annona muricata), and mountain graviola leaf and stem (Annona montana). 

    Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Free from yeast, soy, wheat, nuts and dairy.

    Cautions:  Do not take Graviola  supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Those with low blood pressure should monitor their blood pressure and get medical advice if considering this supplement. People with diabetes and hypoglycemia should monitor their blood sugar levels while taking Graviola. 

    This product is made 100% to Raintree Nutrition specifications.


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