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Portable Hydrogen Kit Make 2.0 PPM water


Portable Hydrogen Rich Water Ionizer Maker Transparent

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    Our new Hydrogen water kit makes 2.0 PPM Hydrogen water. Instructions for making this high volume Hydrogen water will be provided along with this order. Additional consultation also available upon ordering this kit.

    This kit produces the highest concentration of Hydrogen that we have found so far at an affordable price point. Hydrogen is one of the smallest molecules in the universe and can easily transport into the cells. once into the cells, Hydrogen will combine with oxygen to hydrate the cells. Customers have experience incredible increase in energy levels with this new system.

    • Professional in producing a hydrogen rich water.
    • The ORP value for our independent tests changed from 400 to -20 in a single 5 minute cycle. Even lower values can be achieved by repeating.
    • Guaranteed to last at least 2 years.

    Hydrogen rich water also called Water for Life, because it is good for our health. We can drink it for slow down aging, and we also can wash hands and face with it to keep our skin in good condition. This Hydrogen Rich Water will also produce an ORP value of -500. The process will take roughly 3 hours for maximum Hydrogation of the water. A 32 OZ high pressure glass water bottle is included with this kit.

    Kit includes:

    3 Hydrogen Sticks
    1 Jar for Reaction

    Molecular Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant because it converts the cytotoxic “OH*” radicals into water molecules in the cells.

    Hydration and dissolved molecular Hydrogen.
    There are over 600 studies showing that molecular Hydrogen has therapeutic benefits with over 150 human disease models. Scientists have found over 200 bio-molecules that are regulated by molecular hydrogen. The majority of people and companies who sell devices that make alkaline or ionized water really don’t understand the mechanism of how it works. 

    Enclosed are links to studies on Hydrogen:


    About Alkaline Water – Ray Kurzwell


    Molecular Hydrogen Foundation


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