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The advantage of our new Mini Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Well-designed Electronic Control System.

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    The advantage of our new hydrogen oxygen inhalation machine Well-designed electronic control system. Advanced MEA technology Highly automated, high purity of hydrogen generated (99.999%) and large output Compact, Contemporary, Convenient Design Instant H2 gas supply and steady pressure Easy to operate, advanced front display control panel. Easy to read water level display ( with indicator light). H2 Molecular Hydrogen output flow display ( hydrogen flow reaches 310ml/min) Adjustable H2 Molecular Hydrogen output flow (3 models for choice)

    [title text="Technical Parameter:"]

    1. Hydrogen purity: 99.999%
    2. Max Hydrogen output : 150 ml/min
    Max Oxygen output: 75ml/min
    3. H2 Output pressure: 0.2MPa
    4. Input Water :Distilled water
    5. Tank capacity: 250 ml
    6. Pressure stability: <0.001Mpa
    7. Power:110 or 220V±10% 50Hz--60Hz
    8. Power consumption:80W
    9. Dimension:120*120*190 mm
    10. Weight: 1.6 kg (Only machine)

    [title text="Product display:"]

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    [title text="Attention:"]

    1. Please read the manual carefully before using this machine.
    2. Only distilled water is suitable for this machine.
    *Water electric resistivity> or
    *Electric conductivity<0.5us/cm
    *Do not use alkali liquid( KOH nor NaOH)
    *Never use tap water!
    3.Please keep some approved water in the machine reservoir before it is stored and put away for long periods of time. If machine hasn’t been used for a long time, pour some approved water into the reservoir and wait for 24 hours before turning the power on. Never let the machine to be dried up for more than one year. Frequently changing water is good for working life of the machine, because the water will become stale after some time, we recommend to change the water after 20 hours working or about 1 week (2 to 3 hours working every day).

    Attention: Changing water frequently is good for machine.

    [title text="Notice:"]

    1.Do not operate the machine near a open flame.
    2.Use the machine only in well ventilated areas, don't use it in small confined
    3.Do not use bad quality water like tap water, plain water .
    Dissolved substances in water will damage the electrolysis cell. Only distilled
    water is suitable.
    4.Do not disassemble the machine.
    5.Drain water out before transporting the machine.
    6.It is normal if there is a little water leakage during shipping, because pipe inside
    of the machine will still have a little water in it from when the machine was being
    tested before shipping.

    [title text="Instructions for use:"]

    1. Unscrew the water tank cap, pour in distilled water until the water level is between blue and black indicator scale.

    Attention: If there is not enough water in the water tank, the light of water level indicator will flash red, please pour enough distilled water into the tank, and then the red light will disappear.

    When red light and blue light flash alternately, it means the TDS of the water is too high, please change fresh distilled water.

    2. Plug in the power cord on the back of the machine.

    3. There are 3 working modes. Press on / off button the first time, blue light is come on and machine make a DI sound ,working time is 60 minutes; Press on / off button the second time, blue light is on and machine make DI DI sounds ,working time is 120 minutes; Press on / off button the third time, blue light is on and machine make DI DI DI sounds, working time is 180 minutes; A long press the on / off button for 2 seconds to turn off the machine. Connect water collector with H2 outlet and nasal cannula to inhale H2.

    4. If you want to inhale Oxygen gas, take off the water tank cap, screw the rubber O2 outlet adapter on the water inlet ,connect water collector with O2 outlet and nasal cannula to inhale O2.

    [title text="Diagram as below"]

    Mini Hydrogen Diagram

    [title text="Maintenance:"]

    It is advised to turn off the power until the machine to normal temperature after 2 hours continuous working.

    After some times use, the water in the machine will become stale. It is advised to change the water after 20 hours of use. Pour water through the water inlet . Add new water, pour again. Repeat 2 times and add new water to use.

    Attention: Changing water frequently is good for machine! If the machine is not in use for a long period of time, please keep some water in the tank. When you use it again, pour the old water first, then add enough fresh water to use.

    Pour Water of Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

    [title text="Troubleshooting:"]


    Problem Reason Solution
    Not working, power light is off 1. Power not connected 2. Power adapter damage Connect powerReplace adapter
    H2 outlet no gas flow 1.Water shortage 2.Water stale 3.Gas leakage in generator, or H2 connection pipe has leak 1.Add water2.Change fresh distilled water3. Tighten leaking part.
    Water level indicator light come on red color 1.Water shortage2. Water stale(TDS is high) 1.Add water2.Change fresh distilled water
    H2 outlet come out water 1.Machine works too long time continuously2. Steam separator broken 1.Turn off machine until the machine temperature normal.2.Change steam separator

    [title text="Requirements for operational environments and conditions:"]

    1. Temperature : 2℃– 40℃
    2. Humidity : <85%
    3. Power supply : 110 ~220V±10% 50Hz--60Hz
    4. The machine should be positioned upright.
    5. Do not shake or strike the machine.
    6. Do not expose machine to the sun or a open flame.
    7. Do not use it in a dusty environments, avoid conducting
    particles ,acid ,alkali ,and other corrosive gases
    8. Good ventilation is necessary.
    9. Ground connection of power supply is necessary for safety



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