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Liposomal Vitamin D3 and K2 Organic Non-GMO


Liposomal D3 K2 mk7

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    A growing body of evidence suggests a synergistic effect of vitamin K combined with vitamin D.

    Healthy Drops Vitamin D3/K2 Mk7 Provides 5000 IU of Vitamin D3 and 180 mcg of Vitamin K2 Mk7 per teaspoon serving

    • LIQUID LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN D3 with K2 : Maximum Potency Through Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2  – Studies Confirm Up To 20x Increased Absorption With Liposomes Compared To Conventional Delivery.
    • VITAMIN D3 + K2 IN PERFECT BALANCE: Our optimized formation ensures youll get the balance formulation you need. Healthydrops uses only Cholecalciferol D3, the most bioactive form of D3. We use only patented MK7 vitamin K2, so it has the half life to ensure its active long enough to work in concert with vitamin D3.
    • HEALTHYDROPS LIPOSOMAL PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN USA: Made In Our GMP Certified, FDA Inspected Facility. Gluten free, and Non-GMO Safety.
    • STOP POPPING PILLS NOW: Many people suffer with heartburn, indigestion, and discomfort caused by pills, capsules and powders. Healthdrops unique liquid D3 and K2 tastes great and its easy to digest. Enjoy it straight, in your smoothie, or mixed in water or juice.

    Vitamin K2 is also important for regulation of cell growth, and maintenance of the arterial wall

    Additional benefits of vitamin K2 include:

    • Promotes strong bones and teeth.
    • Improves Cognitive performance.
    • Decreases inflammation and helps some autoimmune conditions.
    • Reduces risk for heart disease and improves circulation.


    If you have any ailment that requires 90% absorption rate. This product had the best delivery system, not like powders, capsules, pills, tablets, regular liquid.

    Advantages of our product over other products:


    We make all Liposomal products fresh on the day of purchase to insure the our customers are getting the freshest product available with highest quality.
    Liposomal Products are 90% absorbable compared to typical Vitamins which may be only 10 to 20 percent absorbable.  Or Lecithin is mechanically extracted without the use of harmful chemicals.
    It does not contain Polysorbate 80
    It does not contain SOY
    It does not contain Sodium Benzoate
    It does not contain Ethyl Alcohol
    It does not contain Citric Acid
    It does not contain Artificial Sweeteners
    It does not contain GMO’s
    It is not a capsule,stearic Acid or Magnesium stearate.
    It utilizes Organic Sunflower Lecithin.
    It contains 96 servings per bottle.
    It is vegetarian and flavored with natural Vegetable Glycerin.
    It is in a BPA-free UV-protected bottle.
    It’s 100% Organic.
    It is produced in a high quality manufacturing facility.
    Healthy Drops has been producing supplement for several years.
    All Liposomal products are shipped out priority mail at no extra cost.

    DISCLAIMER: We do not not make any health or medical claims regarding the use or effectiveness of this product. Some references herein are related to indigenous traditional uses of herbs only. If you have a health condition or a medical question we recommend that you consult with your physician as we do not offer such advice.

    The product and ingredient information provided is for educational and research purposes only and does not reflect or constitute an endorsement or claim by our sitefor any product use or ingredients used or for the accuracy or efficacy of any traditional use or contemporary use as related to those ingredients.

    The products and various statements contained within this website have not been evaluated by the MOH, BMA or the FDA and, as such, these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or ailment.

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