Colostabil Dr Reinwald Colon Revitalizer


ColoStabil Dr Reinwald Colon Cleanse

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    ColoStabil ® – Purifies – Regenerates – Vitalises

    Bowel-active fibre, seed and herb formula for the stomach-bowel system and excretory organs

    ColoStabil ® encourages a good feeling in the stomach and general well-being. The bowel is our biggest organ and is intended to play a key role in the supply of nutrients as well as in regulating the excretion of end products despite our degenerated modern diet. In addition, the bowel houses 80% of our immune system.

    This balanced mix of bowel-active fibre, seeds and herbs has been adapted to meet the requirements of a healthy digestion and provides support to our bodys own self-healing powers.

    ColoStabil ® has been developed to boost and/or support…

    • good gut feeling and general well-being
    • harmonious digestion and stable bowel activity
    • the self-cleansing of small and large intestine
    • healthy bowel mucosa
    • stable bowel environment and healthy intestinal flora
    • the immune system and the bodys self-healing powers
    • the binding and excretion of undesired substances
    • spa treatments  for bowel health

    Valuable nutritional content

    ColoStabil ® is a natural wholefood preparation with intelligently combined top quality ingredients. It contains a wide spectrum of valuable trace elementsvitamins and secondary plant substances.

    Bowel cleansing

    ColoStabil ® contains a high level of soluble and insoluble fibre, mucilage and pulp substances, which stimulate bowel activity and bowel cleansing. Experts believe that we consume only 10% of the average amount eaten by a rural population just 50 years ago.


    Probiotic fibre feeds the health-promoting microorganisms in the large intestine and thusencourages a favourable bowel environment and strengthens immune defences. Soluble fibre from oat bran may help to regulate the cholesterol level.


    Optimising digestion and firming up the bowel passage relieves the intestinal mucosa and encourages it to regenerate. Cleansing has a protective effect and may help to considerably reduce the daily absorption of problematic substances.

    Hildegards herbs (Hildegard of Bingen)

    Bowel-active plant substances, essential spices and herbs can bind and provide a buffer against contaminating substances. They provide effective support to the excretory organs such as the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and of course the bowel itself.

    ColoStabil ® offers a unique supply of natural micronutrients and bitter agents as well as many forgotten ingredients from the field of herbal medicine. It therefore provides an important contribution to a holistic, healthy diet.

    Use of ColoStabil ®

    ColoStabil ® is particularly recommended…

    • for dysregulated digestion or constipation
    • to improve stool consistency
    • as a valuable source of nutrients and fibre
    • for a varied, balanced nutritional diet
    • as filling, non-burdensome snack that is low in calories (e.g. shake with fruit juice)
    • before and after sporting activity
    • before and during de-acidification and excretory/detox treatments
    • before and during weight-loss diets

    Recommended intake:

    Take 1 heaped tablespoon (approx. 15 g) 2 x daily added to juice, warm or cold water, milk, yoghurt, muesli or fruit.
    Stir well or whisk.

    Gradually increase within the first week.

    Take double the amount over the course of 4 – 6 weeks for application as a cleansing cure.

    Content of ColoStabil ®

    Content per container: 200g fibre, seed and herbal preparation


    Oat bran, spelt bran, ground hemp seed, broccoli powder, whole psyllium, whole linseeds, psyllium husks, ground psyllium, ground chokeberry, acerola cherry powder, artichoke powder, spice mix including gentian root, milk thistle, dandelion root, bertram, clove, caraway

    Suitable for vegans.



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