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    Christophers Magnesium Oil Spray

    Christophers Natural Products “Better Health From Nature”

    No exaggeration - The Original 100% Pure Magnesium Oil Spray (Not a Brine and No additional Anything) is available again!

    Buy in confidence from Christophers Natural Products, please take a moment and find out why!

    The Only Food Pharmaceutical Grade, Topical Magnesium Oil Spray that is Called the Gift”, as continued daily use may prevent inflammation in muscle, joint, nerve, heart and may prevent oral disease and will help Celiac Suffers and may Improve Sleep Habits. (Nutritional Magnesium Association).

    This is The Original Proprietary Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray that has No oil, No grease, No white residue left on skin or clothing, due to our body easily absorbing the Original 100% pure Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate (Never a Brine – No Zeckstein, No Great Salt Lake, Utah).

    Christophers Transdermal will never need to be washed off, never will itch, no worry about overdosing as our purity is absorbed very quickly.

    Developed and formulated over 20 years Ago by An Ortho Molecular Scientist and 100,000s of bottles sold worldwide!

    First Transdermal 100% Pure Magnesium Topical that addresses Hypomagnesemia in North America with a simple spray on lymph nodes: Each side of neck, under each am pit, on each hip, behind each knee, on top of feet, at least twice to three times a day. Then apply to area where inflammation or Pain is present. This also works well to apply onto shoulders and neck before bed for a restful sleep.

    Over 65% of Women and Men silently suffer from diminished Magnesium in North America (Hypomagnesemia), a major mineral that has been depleted from our soil and water. Unfortunately, a simple blood serum test will only show 3% of magnesium levels, as most of the magnesium that we digest will be used in our Mitochondria Cells and then 60% will be stored in bones. New studies show that A 100% Pure Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate - Food Pharmaceutical Grade can make a difference in a persons overall health. (Nutrient Magnesium Association)

    Our soil and foods are being depleted of magnesium due to farming, pesticides and environment. Also, Hypomagnesemia is a deficiency prevalent in over 70% of women and men in North America. This is due to societal and career stress, medications, overuse of calcium, chemicals in shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, alcohol and over exercising (Marathons, Triathlons, weight lifting). It is medically important to replenish with Christophers Food Pharmaceutical, 100% Pure Magnesium Oil Spray!

    60% of Magnesium is stored in our Bodys Bones and keeps them firm and the balance is in organs (heart and brain) muscle, nerves and skin.  

    Our body has a magnificent and efficient memory of where all minerals (Magnesium, etc.) accumulate in a storage system. This is part of The Higher Archive of Needs. Researchers have shown that there are over 3751 Storage Sites in our bodies; where protein receptors utilize magnesium. For our body to continue to function, it will accumulate Magnesium into reservoir sites for replenishment into our bones, muscles, nerves, brain and other organs, as necessary. Magnesium is a storehouse of energy (Spark of Life) that helps nourish our Mitochondria Cells via ATP and then heart muscle, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain and helps to keep them functioning at an optimal level. A new studied titled, "3,751 magnesium binding sites” have been detected on human proteins," indicates that a deficiency of magnesium may profoundly affect a far wider range of biological structures than previously understood.

    200 Million people suffer from Osteoporosis in the world and calcium can deplete magnesium!

    Physician and Injury Attorney recommended because Christophers Topical Magnesium Oil will work in conjunction with energizing ATP in Mitochondria Cells and may improve healing time and reduce inflammation for injured individuals after an accident.

    Lasers may help to improve healing time when used in conjunction with Christophers Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray over a 30-day period.

    No Worry - Christophers Magnesium Topical Spray maybe safely used by The Whole Family (Pregnant Women (Reduce birth defects*(1), children, family pets (dogs, cats and horses) internally and externally.

    Recommended to be used after brushing teeth which may reduce inflammation in the mouth; hence prevent gum disease, strengthening enamel in teeth. and resulting in improved oral health.

    Hundreds of thousands of bottles have been sold over 20 years as it may prevent inflammation and pain.

    Inflammation is being related to over 17 health issues and re-occurring pain (*1 -Nutrient Magnesium Association and Carol Dean MD, ND).

    Recommended for Celiac Patients who cannot absorb magnesium in pill form.

    Women and men can never overdose on Christophers Magnesium Oil Spray.       Our body is constantly using magnesium as it is responsible for over 900 enzymes in our body.

    “The proteome, or entire set of proteins expressed by the human genome, contains well over 100,000 distinct protein structures, despite the fact, that there are believed to be only 20,300 protein-coding genes in the human genome.  The discovery of the "Magneseome," as its being called, adds additional complexity to the picture, indicating that the presence or absence of adequate levels of this basic mineral may epigenetically alter the expression and behavior of the proteins in our body, thereby altering the course of both health and disease”.


    Christophers Magnesium Oil Spray will bypass a persons Kidneys and prevents any laxative affect.

    Got Inflammation, Got Leg Cramps, Muscle Craps, Tired muscles and joints:

    Get Christophers Magnesium Oil Spray!

    Recommended minimum use is twice a day to raise magnesium levels for preventative ideal health, and continued will keep levels raised, maybe important to overall cellular health as we age.

    • *Carol Dean ND, MD Magnesium Book

    Essential Health Products, Inc. DBA: Christophers Natural Products


    Christophers Natural Products, Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray, is an outcome of over Twenty Years of research with Two Universities, scientists, development, proven worldwide distribution and manufacturing in the US. The outcome was The First and only Food Pharmaceutical Grade, 100% Pure Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate that was developed and formulated by Christopher, which that supports reducuction of Inflammation and Pain. (Refer to Nutritional Magnesium Association)

    We gave the nick name of our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray “The Gift” because it is used throughout our body in over 3750 storage sites in brain, bones, organs (heart) muscle. Research has shown that Magnesium creates “The Spark of Life” in ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate – High-Energy Molecule). This molecule, which is found in every Mitochondrial Cell and is the energy currency of life. Its the job of ATP to store and supply the cell with the needed spark. Mitochondrial Cells can only function if it has magnesium for energy. Healthy Mitochondrial Cells are necessary for our body to accomplish basic functions every day! (Refer to Nutritional Magnesium Association)

    Christophers Natural Products was established over twenty years ago with a mission to help people worldwide with holistic solutions that make a difference because of our proprietary ingredients! Christopher recognized the importance of Magnesium in our diets and its relevance to the bodys many Magnificent Functions. Hypomagnesemia is a magnesium deficiency that affects over 70% of women and men in North America. Magnesium was discovered in England and France over 100 years ago. Today, Hypomagnesemia is silently affecting over 70% of women and men in North America because of it being a laxative in a supplement form. Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray bypasses the Bodys Kidneys and is responsible for over 900 biochemical reactions that maybe crucial for muscle/nerve, brain, stress reduction, healthy organ and bone and steady a heart rhythm.

    Christophers Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray, is derived from a proprietary source, formulated to be totally safe because it is A 100% Pure Food Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate. It is so safe because it is 100% Pure Concentration that it can be used internally and externally without a laxative affect. Our Magnesium Spray is safe and maybe used for healthy gums and wont harm pregnant women, children or animals! Many manufacturers have tried to re-engineer Our Magnesium Oil Spray using a brine and have failed for over 20 years due to its complex process. It is important to Not Wash-off Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray because it may reduce Inflammation and any resulting Pain. Also there will be No Residue on skin or clothing, absorbs and dries on ones skin within minutes. It leaves No Odor, No Grease and can be sprayed as many times as necessary without worry, as it is used and passed naturally.

    We welcome you to safely raise your Magnesium Level. Studies have shown that magnesium maybe necessary to relieve stress, and raise serotonin (Important Neurotransmitter that can affect mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep and memory). We look forward to you experiencing why Christophers Natural Products, 100% Pure Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray, has been trusted by women and men worldwide for over twenty years and maybe helpful for healthy Mitochondrial Cells.

    Christophers Magnesium Oil Spray can be applied as many times as necessary by following these recommendations:

    • Our Magnesium Oil Spray works best when applied on ones clean Lymph Nodes: each side of our neck, under ones armpits (deodorant maybe applied afterward), on each side of our hips, behind each knee cap, on top of each foot, then apply to any area that is experiencing discomfort. Remember to always apply to clean, dry skin before applying any creams or lotions.
    • (Please keep in mind that women may experience stinging under armpits after shaving as our Magnesium Oil Spray will heal micro-cuts after shaving) Lotion or deodorant can be applied after our Magnesium Oil Spray.
    • Men can apply after shaving as it may momentarily burn but it will help heal their face of any micro-cuts and is excellent for skin.
    • Our Magnesium Oil Spray is recommended to be applied before and after surgery as it may reduce swelling and inflammation (Never spray directly on open wounds until they have begun to health and skin is closed). Always apply around the skin that was operated on.
    • Many have found that applying to shoulders and joints after working on a computer and before bed may relax muscle and reduce joint pain.
    • Our Magnesium Oil Spray is excellent to be applied before massage, Yoga, weight lifting, jogging, stretching, and playing sports and for injury prevention, greater muscle flexibility and increased strength.
    • Magnesium has been studied in the US for over 70 years and Traditional Medicine agrees that it is essential for Good Health including a healthy heart!
    • Christophers Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray has been sold around the World and has not cause itchiness!
    • Realty: Skin pores are not temperature sensitive and hot water can make the outer layers of skin swell, which makes pores look more open. So our pores dont open and close based on temperature. Always apply our 100% Pure Magnesium Oil Spray to clean, dry skin. (American Academy of Dermatologists – Association)
    • Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray should never be washed off after applying to lymph nodes or areas of discomfort!
    • Women and men need magnesium to have a healthy functioning body and can never over-dose as magnesium is being used throughout the body.
    • The effect of magnesium introduced into the body on blood pressure in individuals with insulin resistance, prediabetes, or communicable chronic disease: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Conclusion: the pooled results suggest that magnesium supplementation may significantly lower BP in individuals with insulin resistance, prediabetes or other non-communicable chronic disease.
    • Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray may help reduce muscle spasms, muscle soreness and joint pain!
    • Government studies prove the average diet provides less than a third of magnesium you need in a day. (Functional Medicine University)
    • Since 1990 The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that well over half of hospitalized patients were seriously low in the mineral, magnesium! (Functional Medicine University: Ronald Grisanti D.C.)
    • Magnesium is an essential mineral and a cofactor for hundreds of enzymes. The metabolism of carbohydrates and fats to produce energy requires numerous magnesium-dependent chemical reactions. (Oregon State University – Linus Pauling Institute)
    • Christophers Natural Products are focused on always providing a 100% Pure Concentration in Our Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray that has sold hundreds of thousands of bottles over 20 years. We thank you for your purchase and continued support for better health. Be Well!

    All of the above statements are supported by The Nutritional Magnesium Association, Functional Medicine University, American Medical Association, Oregon State University –Linus Pauling Institute, American Academy of Dermatologists, Journal of American Medical Association, and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

    Please note: unless otherwise stated, this product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent any disease. It is important to develop a relationship and consult with a physician should any major health issues arise.





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