Castor Oil Patch Waterproof Wearable w Onion Extract


Castor Oil Patch Waterproof Wearable

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    Castor oil has been used since the times of Ancient Egypt. Rich in ricinoleic acid, it has been used topically as castor oil packs to support lymphatic drainage and general detoxification. Traditional Castor oil packs are time consuming, messy and require a person to lay down for an hour or more. CastorPatch solves this issue by turning the castor oil into a gel which is then applied to large oil tight patches which seal the castor oil gel against the skin. CastorPatch gives all the benefits of a castor oil pack without any of the inconveniences. Simply place two to three tablespoons of CastorPatch castor oil gel onto the bandage, then place on your desired location. A heating pad or hot water bottle may be used to increase effect but is not necessary since CastorPatch contains essential oils that may enhance transdermal delivery.

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic castor oil, onion extract and organic essential oils. The brown material you see at the bottom of the jar is onion extract that has settled. This is normal.

    Castorpatch should be refrigerated for at least 24 hours before using.



    Draw an imaginary line from the nipples down to where the ribs end and measure this. In this image, it is about 6.5 inches.  This is where the top of the patch will go.



    Cut out this length of material with sharp scissors. Dull scissors will tear and fold patch.




    If the person is hairy, shave a one inch border around where the patch will go.  Hair under the patch will create a path for the gel to leak.  Even if a person isnt hairy, shave where the bottom of the patch will go below the navel.



    Remove the white backing from the patch by separating the wavy cut lines.




    Place 1-2 tablespoons of the gel (depends on size of patch) in the center of the patch.  If you want to be mobile, then place the gel centered from left to right, but only  1/3rd down from the top of the patch.  Gravity will pull the gel down, which is why we place the gel slightly above the center.  Be careful not to get any gel  anywhere else (the edge specifically) or the patch will not seal.



    Place the patch on the skin working from the bottom center and pressing along the edges outwards, then upwards, the sealing at the top being careful not to get folds in the patches or gel will leak. This stage should be done within one minute as the gel will already be turning to a liquid at room temperature.


    Remove the clear backing by separating at the blue strip. This image does not s




    Getting a perfect seal, especially along the edges is difficult, even with experience.  Thats why we suggest cutting 1.5″ strips and applying them along the edges of the patch with 1/2 an inch over the patch and 1 inch over the skin.  These smaller strips are easier to apply well and can increase the time the patch will last significantly.  You must completely apply the main patch before applying the support strips.



    This image shows the person laying on their back (without support strips). While you can walk about with Castorpatch applied, it will pool on the bottom due to gravity so for best results, lay on your back (if applied to your abdomen). The seal will also last longest if you are not moving about.  Also, if the seal is not perfectly applied, laying down will increase the time the patch will stay viable. Just lay down and have a paper towel on hand to absorb any gel that leaks from a poorly sealed edge. Getting a good seal takes a little practice and a good seal can stay for hours. Do not try to reapply another patch if it fails. The residual oil will keep the next patch from adhering.

    This image shows the patch applied with a person standing up (without support strips). You can see the gel has moved downwards. If you are standing or sitting, be sure to check the patch every 15 minutes as it will keep moving downwards and will eventually break the seal.

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of organic castor oil, onion extract and organic essential oils. The brown material you see at the bottom of the jar is onion extract that has settled. This is normal.

    Attention:  Castorpatches have not be sterilized.  Do not put them over broken skin.



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