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    The next generation in mindfulness is here. Introducing BrainTap, a powerful and revolutionary mind development tool to help you overcome the adverse effects of stress from the comfort of your own home. Achieve physical, mental and emotional balance and become the best you can be.



    BrainTaps meticulously researched technology creates a synergetic audio and visual experience for the ultimate in brainwave entrainment and relaxation. BrainTap induces your bodys natural relaxation response, creating the perfect environment to reverse the effects of stress on the body.

    Additionally, BrainTap offers an unprecedented audio library to help you unlock your brains full potential. Whether youre motivated to learn a new career skill, overcome a bad habit or even pick up a new sport, BrainTap has something for you. Simply listen and master new skills while relaxing your brain like a meditation master.

    Take care of your brain, its the most precious organ in the human body.

    Requiring as little as 20 minutes per day, you can enjoy the health and mental benefits usually reserved for masters of meditation. Its as simple as wearing the headset and glasses and relaxing.

    And with the extensive range of 800+ mental coaching titles (available on all devices), you will find plenty of learning guides to help you get the most out of your relaxation time.

    What are the benefits of regular BrainTap use?

    First and foremost, BrainTap is designed as a stress-relief mechanism, focusing on calming your mind and helping you to reach a deep, meditative state, without years of disciplined training. While the reduction in stress levels is the main drawcard, there are a huge list of benefits attributed to use of this technology.

    Used in conjunction with our 800+ self-coaching sessions, BrainTap users experience the following advantages.

    Improved sleep quality:
    Start every day feeling rejuvenated and energized after a deep sleep with the help of BrainTap. How well rested you are plays a large part in your general health and mood. Staying calm and in control throughout the day is highly correlated to getting a good nights rest. Sleep is essential to maintaining great cardiovascular health and your immune system.

    Greater Mental Performance:
    A stress-free mind is capable of great things. Without unnecessary distractions, customers find they have improved concentration levels, short-term memory and mental clarity. A winning combination for success at work and in competitive environments.

    Coupled with the limit-less library of quality content for lifestyle and skill development, and youve got yourself a world beating, learning experience.

    Better Health:

    BrainTaps calming effect promotes greater mental and emotional health. We arent saying you wont feel anger or sadness, but you will be much better equipped to manage them. Greater positivity allows you to focus more on where youre going. With physical health so closely intertwined with your mental and emotional health, expect to see an uptick in your overall health with regular use.

    These benefits, unique to BrainTap Entrainment, empowers you to all you to be all that you can be. BrainTap is the modern day tool to help you pursue your goals relentlessly, its the tool to help you solve all of the problems life throws your way.

    And it isnt only for adults. The whole family can benefit from using BrainTap regularly, with children being generally calmer and able to focus for longer.

    The BrainTap Library – A new learning experience

    Our library covers an extensive range of topics. Ten guided visualization sessions come included with the BrainTap app, and there are over 800 audio sessions in available through the on-demand library. These audio sessions are designed to operate harmoniously with the BrainTap entrainment process.

    Fitness & Health topics are covered in great detail to give you the motivation and knowledge to look after your body and health. Many are designed to further the benefits of BrainTap, helping you to improve your lifestyle and habits to better manage stress, pain and lack of sleep.

    Learn a new language, with lessons available in the dominant European languages of German, Spanish, French and Italian. Or try an Asian language and test your learning abilities with Japanese, Korean or Chinese.

    The BrainTap library isnt just limited to these categories. It features a great list of eBooks and an easy listening music collection along with much, much more. And with its ever expanding offering, our library offers unbeatable value to all BrainTap users.

    How does BrainTap help you achieve this?

    BrainTap represents the next generation of mindfulness, with the headset taking you through meditative brain-wave states without the user having to actively participate. Just make yourself comfortable and let the innovative sound and light show guide you into a deeply relaxed state.

    BrainTap creates a synergistically combines sound frequencies and light signals to maximum effect, encouraging relaxed brainwave activity and harmonious left/right brain balance. This technology is based on Dr Porters extensive research and testing over the past 30 years.

    Traditional meditation would take years of committed training to achieve what can be accomplished in a few BrainTap sessions.

    The Mind Behind BrainTap

    Patrick K. Porter PhD is the brains behind the BrainTap Entrainment. He is the developer of BrainTap Technology and behind over 800 guided visualization audios that are available. With over 30 years of expertise in his field, he has taken mindfulness technology to the next level, teaching people to lead healthier, stress-free lives.

    His observations demonstrated the need for a new approach to help people cope with today's stressful world.  With stress-related health and lifestyle issues at an all-time high, BrainTap has emerged as a respected leader in digital health and wellness.


    In just 20-minutes a day, you can see and feel life-changing results that thousands of Dr. Porters clinical clients have seen over the last three decades. These users regularly report that regular braintapping with the headset:

    • Provided profound relaxation
    • Fostered healthy sleep
    • Awakened more energy
    • Reduced brain fog and negative thinking
    • Eliminated unwanted habits and behaviors
    • Increased memory and focus
    • Created peak performance

    You can experience these benefits in the comfort of your own home. Whether you want to overcome stress eating or conquer a bad habit, instill a positive mindset, advance your career, master your sport, enhance your learning, get your body super fit, or simply regain the health you deserve, the BrainTap headset creates the enhanced brain states that will get you there faster and with less effort.

    You will receive 10 free credits with your unit that would allow you to own any 10 sessions in the library.

    You also will receive the following free sessions:

    8 Min Braintap Journey
    10 Min Braintap Journey
    15 Min Braintap Journey
    AM Concentration
    AM Focus
    AM Italian
    AM Motivation
    Power of Chiropractic
    Coping with the Aftershock of Disaster
    Decompression Brainfit Demo
    Demo 01 Brain Fitness Journey
    Demo 03 What if you could be more You
    Demo WL Weight Loss - 8 mins
    Elan Introduction to Light
    Demo Gluten Free Lifestyle
    The Inate Sleep experience
    Creating your success
    ZenSync - 10 Minute Meditation
    ZenSync - 15 Minute Meditation
    ZenSync - 20 Minute Meditation
    ZenSync - 25 Minute Meditation




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