5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator


5 LPM Oxyen Generator

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    This oxygen concentrator uses air as raw material and high-quality molecular sieve as adsorbent, and adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to directly separate oxygen from nitrogen at normal temperature, oxygen of high purity is thereby produced.


    People who be suit for using oxygen concentrator:
    Oxygen absorption can improve physical oxygen supply condition and achieve the purpose of oxygenating care. It is suitable for the middle-aged and elderly, people with poor physical fitness, pregnant women, students.


    1. High oxygen purity 93%+-3% from 1Liter to 5 liter
    2. Comes with overload protection system, which can protect machine if meet high voltage.
    3. Timing function, can setting up working


    1. Automatic Alarm function :power failure alarm, low voltage alarm, low purity alarm(Optional).
    2. Available comes with nebulizer function.
    3. Use France imported CECA molecular sieve
    4. Long life time, more than 16000 hours
    5. Available 7*24 hours continuous work
    6. 2 Years warranty
    7. TUV CE, ISO approved and got free sale certificate
    8. Available use at high altitude. 



    Flow Rate: 0-5L/min
    power consumption 300W
    Purity Oxygen:  ≥ 93%±3(V/V)
    Voltage: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz/AC110V±15V,60Hz±1Hz
    Outlet pressure: 20kPa~60kPa
    Noise : less than 45db
    Net Weight:   23kg
    Dimension: 490×270×560(mm)
    Warranty: 2 years
    Standard Accessorizes: 1 Power Cord
    1 Spare Connecting tube of humidifier cup
    1 Spare first filter
    3 Spare second filter
    2 Nasal pipe
    1 user manual
    1 warranty card 
    1 product certificate




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